The vision to find out what’s beneath the surface.

NovaFisc brings depth, flexibility and a uniquely proactive approach to help your business maximize its SR&ED and other tax credits.

A source of profitability.

Constantly in tune with client needs and changing market conditions, NovaFisc helps reduce the cost of being innovative

An efficient partnership.

With its full service approach, NovaFisc simplifies the process and minimizes the time and effort required from clients.

Commited to remain a proactive player in the marketplace.

NovaFisc is part of an extended family of services developed to address a wide range of cost optimization opportunities.

About us

NovaFisc, committed for over 25 years.

NovaFisc stands out, particularly for its ability to adapt its services to bring added value to businesses, including strategic and punctual support services as well as the assessment of eligibility for other tax incentive programs.

  • Are you developing a new product?

    From the very earliest stages of product development, we are here to help you quickly identify eligible activities, document them and guide project execution in order to better manage gray areas and maximize your SR&ED tax credit.

  • Are you improving an existing process?

    When improving the precision, robustness or performance of your processes, we bring a wider view to better understand the issues, identify eligible activities and build sound tax credit claims. We make regular visits to your facilities to see how activities are conducted so that we can identify every opportunity to maximize your tax credits.

  • Are you paid to carry out experimental development activities?

    You might think that some of your projects are not eligible since you are paid to do the work. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss these situations. All angles of the projects are analyzed to identify the eligible SR&ED activities.

  • Do you conduct activities outside of Canada?

    Activities conducted outside of Canada may be eligible for SR&ED claim. It is important to work with us to handle this type of activity according to the requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Not sure which form of aid to choose?

    Combining several different financial aid programs can have a negative effect, essentially lowering your overall tax credit envelope. We work in collaboration with you to identify the best strategy to obtain the maximum return on investment.

NovaFisc in brief.

NovaFisc, is first and foremost a conscious experience team of professionals built to meet your needs and offer you the best services.


To help businesses of all sizes improve their bottom line and increase their overall tax credit performance.

Actively participate with your teams to identify, with greater thoroughness and certainty, an optimal number of eligible projects and activities.



Creation of added value


What’s beneath the surface

There are more tax credit opportunities than meet the eye at first glance. NovaFisc knows what to look for, where to dig and how to lay claim to your buried treasure. We cover all aspects related to preparing and defending claims, whether they involve the most basic undertaking or the more complex challenges required for larger businesses. What we find can change how you perform and finance your leading initiatives. Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective strategies that help streamline planning and implementation in the short, medium and long term.

When it comes to innovation, we can help you manage the risks and maximize the rewards.

  1. Personalized real-time support
  2. Nos Solutions

    Solutions and methods to get the most out of the tax credit program while minimizing the time and resources you devote to it.

  3. Optimization tools and strategies
    • Turnkey service
    • Revision service
    • Verification service (federal and provincial)
    • Consulting service
    • Service for aid requests (pre-competitive research project in private partnership, research chair, research grant)

Our team

Our expertise.

NovaFisc professionals diligently seek out the best possible result for your claim. Our experts talk the same language as yours, leading to valuable technological insights when building a claim. Up-to-date in their respective fields, they master all the subtleties needed to quickly pin down connections between client activities and tax credit opportunities.


Questions? Need further information?

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. It will be our pleasure to answer you as soon as possible.